b"afternoon break. Fruit, snacks and drinks are also provided in the boarding houses for the evenings. Please specify any special dietary requirements on the Medical Information section of the application form.Health and Welfare AHouseparentisappointed tomanageeachhouseand theyhave responsibility for the health and welfare of all students in their house. Students who report that they are feeling unwell are initially seen by their Houseparent or Assistant Houseparent who will assess their condition. If deemed necessary by their symptoms, they will then be taken to the Medical Centre where they will be seen by the nurse. The nurse will assess the student and either provide medication or advice, or advise visiting the local doctors surgery. The doctors surgery is located locally and an appointment can usually be made for the same or next day for urgent cases or within three days for minor cases. The doctor can provide a prescription for any medication that is required. In an emergency, the student is taken to a local hospital which has an Accident and Emergency department or Minor Injuries department, either by school transport, taxi, or by ambulance if required. We will make every reasonable effort to notify the Parent/Guardian prior to the hospital visit. In order to provide any treatment whatsoever, it is essential for the school to have the Medical Information section of the application form filled in and signed by the Parent/Guardian along with two contact numbers, one of which should be the students Parent/Guardian. If you have not informed us of any medical conditions or prescription medicines on the application form, please ensure you contact our course administrators by Monday 2nd March for students attending the Easter courses and Monday 8th June for students attending the summer courses. In all cases of illness, the Houseparent and other members of staff will check thestudentregularlyandensure thathe/sheiscomfortable. Students are supervised 24 hours a day and we ensure that as many of our staff as possible are qualified in First Aid. How to solve a problem If a student has a problem, it is important that they bring it to the attention of staff as soon as it arises. Any member of staff can be approached and will be willing to give assistance. For specific help, they can speak to the Pastoral Manager for accommodation, health and nutrition issues; the Academic Manager for any learning or teaching issues; and the Activities Manager for sport and activity issues. If the problem is not resolved satisfactorily they should contact the Centre Manager who has overall responsibility for the course. He/she can be approached directly or through other staff at any time. Official complaints should be directed to the Director of Holiday Courses and Events, Mr Mark Greenow on:T +44 (0) 1458 444 457 M +44 (0) 7885 613 692 E greenow.m@millfieldschool.comThe Director is available at all times on his mobile phone in case of emergencies.If you are not satisfied with the response from your accredited centre, you can contact English UK for further advice. The way they will handle your complaint will depend on the course provider you're studying with. For private schools and language centres, English UK will attempt to mediate. If this fails, the complaint can be put to the independent Ombudsman, who will issue an adjudication which is binding on the school.https://www.englishuk.com/en/students/complaints-procedureMilleld English Language Holiday Courses, Milleld Enterprises, Street, Somerset, BA16 0YD T +44 (0) 1458 444 112/319/326/369/458 E mahc@milleldschool.com W englishholidaycourses.com 75"