b'General Information Millfield English Language Holiday Courses. On occasion, these may be used for press and media purposes, or for educational purposes as part of the curriculum, or extra-curricular activities. We may seek specific consent from Parents or Legal Guardians before using a Arrival and Departurephotograph or video recording where we consider that the use is more privacy intrusive. Where the student is of sufficient maturity It is the parents/agents responsibility to arrange flights. Please(usually when aged 12 years or older) we may seek the students inform us of the students flight details and request airport transfersspecific prior consent (which may be obtained verbally) in addition if required by completing the Student Travel Details form/onlineto or instead of the Parents or Legal Guardians consent. section and returning it to us before 2nd March 2020 (Easter courses) or 8th June 2020 (summer courses). Ideal times for arrival or departure at UK airports are between 12.00 and 18.00 on theAccommodation allocated transfer day. Some students may have to await the arrival We have separate accommodation for boys and girls, and students of other students before leaving the airport. Students who havemay only mix in recreational areas of the houses. Some of the older requested a Millfield transfer will be met at the airport by a Millfieldstudents or students with a medical condition may be allocated their Representative who will be wearing a red Millfield t-shirt and carryingown single room with shared bathroom facilities (although some a Millfield sign. For students who have requested a Millfield transfer,may have en- suite), while younger students share 2, 3, 4 or 6-on departure staff will accompany students back to the airport andbedded rooms and bathroom facilities. Some students may be supervise the check-in procedure. required to change houses. We will do our best to avoid disruption All journeys outside the offered transfer days and to and fromand students will be informed in advance during their stay. Student different airports than those offered will need to be arranged by theWi-Fi is available and each house has payphones which can receive parent/agent. Alternatively, the parents/guardians of students canincoming calls. Important messages can be left with the course arrange for a named adult to deliver and collect the student to/fromadministrators during office hours (Monday-Friday 09.0017.00 the courses.hours UK time):Please note: Millfield Enterprises will not accept responsibility forT +44 (0) 1458 444 112/319/326/369/458 organising airport transfers other than on the specified dates or at(after-hours answer phone) thedesignatedairports.Studentsmakingtheirowntravel E mahc@millfieldschool.com arrangements need to inform us of their plans by completing the Student Travel Details form/online section and returning it to us byClothes and Laundry the date specified. Students making their own travel arrangements should aim to arrive at Millfield between 10.00 and 17.00. Arrival andStudents should bring, as far as possible, machine washable casual departure days are normally on Sunday (or Wednesday for the Easterand sports clothes for everyday activities and variable weather 2020 course).conditions, and some smart clothes for special occasions. England can sometimes be wet and cold. Please ensure students have Written confirmation will be given to confirm receipt of the studenta jumper, a waterproof coat and suitable footwear. Please also bring travel details. To ensure that we are aware of last minute changes,a sun hat and sun cream for warmer weather. please ensure that you receive written confirmation from the courseClothes are laundered twice a week by the school. Students have to administrators at Millfield. sort their own clothes when they are returned clean, so please label them clearly with the students first name and family name. We recommend that names are carefully stitched into the fabric as it is Pocket Money & Valuablescommon for labels to fall off during the washing/drying process.Although everything needed is included in the price of the course,Students must bring their own bath towels. students may wish to bring pocket money to purchase souvenirs orBed linen is supplied and changed once a week. for special events/excursions.Afulllistofwhatstudentsneedtobringisprovidedinthe Along with 30 GBP damage deposit, we recommend around 50 GBPParent/Guardian Guide and Student Guide which will be made per week and a maximum of 100 GBP per week. Students shouldavailable to parents/guardians and students once their application bring their pocket money in cash sterling. We have cash machineform has been processed. facilities nearby for which students can use a Debit or Preloaded Cash Card. Houseparents will exchange any foreign money. Pocket money, cards, passports and plane/train tickets will beFood collected from students on arrival, and be stored in a locked safe All campuses provide a variety of great food choices for students to monitoredbythestudentsHouseparent.Houseparentswilltry with a combination of international dishes and great British distribute pocket money to students when requested and will keepclassics. note of each withdrawal. Any pocket money remaining at the end ofEach meal time there is a choice of different healthy food options. the students course will be returned to the student prior to theirSpecial dietary requirements can also be catered for including departure. religious persuasions and lifestyle preferences. Students can eat as much as they like and are encouraged to try different foods to promote a healthy and balanced diet. Photographs and VideosMost meals are served in the dining hall on each campus and staffFirst names, photographs or images (including video recordings) mayand students eat together. At breakfast we offer a choice of cooked be taken and used online and/or in print for use in promotionalfood, cereals, toast and fruit. At lunch and supper we offer both hot material (such as adverts and brochures), on our websites or on socialfood and salad. Vegetarian options are available at all meals. Packed media. Please note, these may also be used by carefully selected thirdlunches are provided on excursions and occasionally supper will be parties who are working on our behalf to recruit students for theaspecialbarbecueoutside.Refreshmentsareprovidedinthe 74'