b'4.3.5 save as set out above, for any reason other than exceptionally5.9 Photographs & Videos: First names, photographs or images (including and at the sole discretion of the Director; orvideo recordings) may be taken and used online and/or in print for use in 4.4Non-payment of Course Fees: The School may refuse the Student topromotional material (such as adverts and brochures), on our websites or participate in the Course if the Course Fees are not paid when due; theon social media. Please note, these may also be used by carefully selectedpayment deadline for the Easter courses is Monday 2nd March 2020 andthird parties who are working on our behalf to recruit students for thesummer courses is Monday 8th June 2020.Millfield English Language Holiday Courses. On occasion, these may be used for press and media purposes, or for educational purposes as part of 4.5Cancellation: Means the cancellation of the Students place on the Course the curriculum, or extra-curricular activities. We may seek specific consent which occurs after submission of the application form and before the start from Parents or Legal Guardians before using a photograph or video of the Course or the date on which the Student arrives at the School. recording where we consider that the use is more privacy intrusive. Where 4.6Cancellation rights: If the contract with You is formed entirely at distance the student is of sufficient maturity (usually when aged 12 years or older) by means of post, fax or electronic communication without a face to face we may seek the students specific prior consent (which may be obtained meeting with a member of the School staff, You may cancel this agreementverbally) in addition to or instead of the Parents or Legal Guardiansat any time within 14 days of the date of the application form. In suchconsent.circumstances the Deposit will be refunded together with any Fees paidthe time.6Student behaviour at 4.7Course Fees on Cancellation: If the Parent gives written notice to the6.1Behaviour and conduct: The Parent accepts that the Student will beDirector of the cancellation of the place before the payment deadlinesubject to the Schools rules and regulations and policies on behaviour and (Monday 2nd March 2020 for the Easter courses and Monday 8th Juneconduct while attending the Course or associated with the School. The 2020 for the summer courses) the School shall refund any part of theSchoolspoliciescanbeaccessedonitswebsite Course Fees paid. Other than as provided for in clause 4.6, if notice ofenglishholidaycourses.com or requested in writing to the Director.cancellation is received by the School after the specified date there will be no refund of the Course Fees paid and the Parent shall be required to pay6.2 Sanctions:TheParentacceptsthattheDirectormayimposean appropriate sanction on the Student following breach of the rules for the balance of the Course Fees immediately.behaviour or conduct which for more serious breaches may include 4.8Course Changes and Cancellation of Optional Extras: No refunds willrequiring the Student to leave the Course.be given for supplementary charges if students change from a course with a supplementary charge to one without after the payment deadline7General contractual matters (Monday 2nd March 2020 for the Easter courses and Monday 8th June 2020forthesummercourses).Norefundswillbegivenforthe7.1Data Protection: We use the information collected about you and your child to provide the Course and to fulfil our statutory duties.Our privacy cancellation of any Optional Extras after the payment deadline (Monday 2nd March 2020 for the Easter courses and Monday 8th June 2020 for thenotice, which contains further information about how we use personal summer courses). If a course change is processed after a student arrives adata can be found here: http://millfieldschool.com/privacy-policy. Please read this carefully.If your child is aged twelve or over, then you 10 GBP (cash) administration fee will be charged for each course change must ensure that your child has read this as well. per student. 7.2Consumer rights: Care has been taken to use plain language in these5Education and welfareterms and conditions and to explain its provisions. If any words alone orin combination infringe the consumer rights laws or any other provision 5.1Provision of education: We will exercise reasonable care and skill inof law, they shall be treated as severable and shall be replaced with words providing educational services for the Student but cannot guarantee thats/he will achieve his/her desired examination results.which give as near the original meaning as may be fair.7.3Information for Parents: We provide parents of students and prospective 5.2Organisation of the Course: We reserve the right to organise the Course studentswithinformationabouttheSchool,theCourseandthe and its delivery in a way which, in the professional judgement of the Director, is most appropriate to the Course as a whole. We will endeavoureducational services we provide in good faith. This information may be to inform you of changes and the reasons for them as soon as practicable.contained in the Course brochure, website or other promotional literature or in statements made by staff.If the Parent wishes to take account of 5.3Complaints: Any question, concern or complaint about the pastoral care the information provided to them when deciding whether to enter intoor safety of the Student or any educational issue or other matterthis agreement, he/she should seek specific confirmation from the Director connected to the School must be notified to the Director as soon asthat the information is accurate before submitting a completed application practicable. form. 5.4Medical care: The Parent must comply with the School Medical Officers recommendations which may include a reasonable decision to send the7.4Policies: We ask that all students, parents and agents act in accordance Student home if he/she is unwell and unable to continue on the Course.withtheSchoolspolicies.Thesecanbefoundat englishholidaycourses.com/policies. 5.5Confidentiality: The Parent authorises the Director to override his/her rights and (so far as they are entitled to do so) the Students rights to7.5Third party rights: Only the School and the Parent are parties to this agreement.The Student or any third party is not a party to it. No person confidentiality, and to impart confidential information on a need to other than a party to this agreement shall have any rights to enforce any know basis where necessary to safeguard the Students welfare or to avert term of this agreement. a perceived risk of serious harm to the Student or to another person at theSchool or to inform members of staff about the Students particular needs.7.6Interpretation: These terms and conditions supersede those previously in force and will be construed as a whole.Headings, unless required to make 5.6Students personal property: The Student is responsible for the securitysense of the immediate context, are for ease of reading only and are not and safe use of all his/her personal property including money, mobile otherwise part of the terms and conditions. phones or devices, watches, computers, and for property lent to them by the School. 7.7 Jurisdiction: This agreement was made at the School and it, together witheach matter relating to the provision of educational services by the School, 5.7Insurance: The School maintains those insurances as required by law. Theis governed exclusively by the law of England and Wales and the parties Parent is responsible for any other insurance including insurance of thesubmit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales. Students personal property whilst at School or on the way to and fromS chool or any activity away from School premises organised by the School.Millfield: a Company Limited by Guarantee 5.8 Liability: Unless negligent or guilty of some other wrongdoing causingRegistered in England No: 00522385 injury, loss or damage, the School does not accept responsibility forRegistered Office: Street, Somerset BA16 0YD accidental injury or other loss caused to the Student or for loss or damageRegistered Charity No: 310283 to property.73'