b'Terms and ConditionsMilleld English Language1Introduction Holiday Courses 1.1The School organises English language holiday courses for students aged 10 to 17 years during the Easter holidays and 6 to 17 years during the Book onlinesummer holidays. Parents can book a course for a period of one or two weeks duration in the Easter holidays, or a period of two to six weeks duration in the summer holidays. now 1.2Terms and Conditions: These terms and conditions together with the completed forms in the application form are the basis of a legally binding contractbetweentheParentandtheSchoolfortheprovisionof educational services.englishholidaycourses.com 2Terminology means the Millfield English Language Holiday Courses2.1The Course: operated by the School.The online booking form is the 2.2The Course Fees: means the Course Fees as shown on the Course application form.quickest and easiest way to 2.3The Director: means the Director of Holiday Courses and Events.apply for the courses. 2.4The Parent or You: means the parent or legal guardian of the Student and who has submitted the completed application form.2.5The School or We or Us: means Millfield as now or in the future constituted (and any successor). The School is constituted as a charitable For further information visit the websitecompany limited by guarantee.or contact the course administrators: 2.6The Student: means the person named on the application form.3ApplicationT +44 (0) 1458 4443.1Application: The Parent may book a place on the Course for the Student by completing all forms in the application and submitting these to the 112/319/326/369/458School together with the deposit. The amount of the deposit is set out in the application form.Except where clauses 3.3 or 4.4 apply the deposit is non-refundable.E mahc@milleldschool.com3.2Consideration of application: An application will only be considered by the School if all forms in the application form are completed and thedeposit paid. W englishholidaycourses.com3.3Availability: Places on the Course are subject to availability. If a place is not available, the deposit will be refunded to the Parent. 3.4Equality: The School welcomes students from many different ethnic groups, backgrounds and creeds. We will do all that is reasonable to ensure For English Teachers that the Schools culture, policies and procedures are made accessible to students who have disabilities and to comply with our legal and moral responsibilities under equality legislation in order to accommodate the needs of applicants and students who have disabilities for which, after reasonable adjustments, we can cater adequately. The Schools polices can be accessed on its website englishholidaycourses.com. 4Fees and Cancellation4.1Course Fees: The Course Fees include tuition, accommodation, meals, EdYOUfest is a festival hosted at Millfieldlaundry, most excursions and activities. The Course Fees do not include transport to and from an airport, examination fees, or London and Oxford for ELT teachers, who come together eachweekend excursions which will be charged separately to the Parent. The year to learn and grow, in a supportiveCourse Fees will be payable in the amounts and in accordance with the provisions set out in the course application form.atmosphere with fellow educators from 4.2Pocket money: The Parent shall provide the Student with pocket money over 20 countries across the globe. for use while participating on the Course. The School shall retain 30 on the Students arrival as a deposit for any damage caused by the Student. All or part of this deposit may be used by the School if the Student causes Millfield will be hosting the annual eventdamage to the School or other persons property. The balance held by the School shall be returned to the Student on departure. again in August 2020. For more information 4.3 Refund or waiver: Fees will not be refunded or waived: and to book a place, please visit4.3.1 if the Student does not complete the Course; or 4.3.2 if the Course duration is shortened; or edyoufest.com 4.3.3 if the School is temporarily closed due to adverse weather conditions; or4.3.4 unless there is a legal liability under a court order or under 72 the provisions of this agreement to make a refund; or'