b'Head Girl of 2019 - AliceWhat is the most important aspect of a holiday course? Making friends from all over the world, kind and funny staff, nice teachers and managers; they make it happen, they make the spirit of Millfield.Being a returning Millfield student for consecutive years, how do you feel that Millfield has shaped you? Millfield has made me who I am today. Sometimes I think that I have found myself by making friends from all over the world, by being open and becoming more extroverted, by making my dreams come true and taking every opportunity.How do you think that your experience at Millfield will help you in the years ahead? As I want to dedicate my life to journalism and connecting and communicating with people, I am very grateful to Millfield for giving me the opportunity to meet so many people from different cultures and I will be forever grateful for that. Even now, giving this interview to you, I am practising my dream job, so thank you.What message do you have for future students? Dear Future Students of Millfield,Please take every opportunity that is ahead of you; whether it is a talent show or an English class, just go for it!Raise your hands, participate, try, dont be afraid to make mistakes, talk to people, make friends, fall in love!Just try; Millfield is about experiences, it is an opportunity, so take it.What is your favourite memory of 2019? So many things have happened during my four-week stay at Millfield. I have made many new friends and memories and I really enjoyed the Rock Festival, it was epic! I also liked the team spirit in my house especially when we won the House Dance competition. We have really nice houseparents and the team spirit feels like family.Is there anything you would change about the courses? I dont think I would change anything; although I would love to make it longer!What brings you back to Millfield? When I came here for the first time in 2017 I fell in love with the place, people, academies, lessons, and everything we do. It felt like there is no way I wouldnt come back. If a place can be a soulmate, Millfield is definitely mine. It is the place where I can be me, where I feel my happiest and luckiest. 66'