b'History of the Milleld English Language Holiday Courses200220042007 2017 Legend Jose 2017 Legend Ryan2017 Legend Stephanie (see 2017 for morestarted as astarted as a studentinformation regardingstudent Legends) and 2018 Legend Valentina2008 started as students We held our rst Easter course2005 Glastonbury Campus was 2003introduced and Legend of Slogans were2019 Zhanna started as a2009 rst introducedstudent We held our rst to the coursesRock Festival and to help build2019 Legend atmosphere,Isabella started friendship,as a studenttolerance and pride2006 2001 2018 Legend Michael and This was Marks rst year as a2019 Legend Oleg started2010 teacher on the courses, and this wasas students 2018 Legend the whole school photo that year Ekaterina started asa student 2001Mark Greenow6 Class of 2019 - This photograph has been reproduced by kind permission of Gillman & Soame photographers and can be ordered by visiting www.gillmanandsoame.co.uk using the login: 400122 and password: 474459'