b'Session ChoicesHere is a list of the sessions that will be available to students:English-Focused SessionsLessons, Seminars, Lectures, Academic Sessions, Workshops, Debates and Tutorials e.g. Creative Writing, Current Affairs, Debating, General English, IELTS Exam Preparation, Journalism, Literature, Performing Arts, Poetry, Pre-University English, Presentation Skills (Pres. Skills), Pronunciation, Social Media Delivered by trained TeachersActivity-Focused SessionsActivities and Languages e.g. Cooking, Creative Art, DJing, Photography, Piano, Riding*, Rock, Spanish (beginners only), Sports & Recreation, Tennis, Violin, Volleyball,Young Adventurers Delivered by Coaches and Activity StaffPlease note:Each day there will be a variety of sessions to choose from and the programme will change each week. Not all sessions will be available each day and each week.* Riding will take place in the afternoon during sessions 4 and 5 and will incur an additional charge of 150 GBP per week. Students will not be able to choose any other Activity-Focused sessions in the week(s) they choose riding.Individual TimetablesHere is an example of three different students interests. You can see their chosen timetables opposite providing an example of how individual learning paths can be created based on a students interests.Student A: Im really outgoing and love performing. At Millfield I get all the practice I need to become a Star!Student B: I want to write my own blog so I chose suitable classes, including my passionphotography! Student C: I really want to become a writer so I chose journalism, social media and literature for my classes, but I absolutely love classical music and tennis so I created the perfect timetable to match my interests and ambitions.I even got to try learning Spanish! 38'