b'Global Young Leaders(Weeks 1-6) 14 - 17years This option has been designed as an alternative to General English and is suitable for students with a minimum level of English of CEFR B2 and above or are native speakers. Effective communication is fundamental to the programme with a belief that it is not enough to be able to speak excellent English; one also has to have something valuable to say.The course encourages students to learn about themselves and about their place in the world. It will challenge some perceptions and make students think about life in the 21st century. The course aims to look at what being a leader really means and will examine this through weekly topics looking at some of the most important issues the world currently faces, helping students to be a leader of the future. The course is structured to allow students to participate for one week or up to 6 weeks and to examine and develop their own ideas. They have the chance to discuss, explore and challenge sometimes unfamiliar viewpoints and are encouraged to examine and review ideas when negotiating with people from other backgrounds who may hold conflicting views. The students are involved in the choice and design of the topics discussed; a different focus is taken each week reflecting issues that students commonly mention as challenges which effect their own lives. These topics have included the environment, equality, poverty, press and media, war and technology.Guest speakers are invited to offer personal insights into the issues being examined. Students will also take their studies beyond theclassroom with visits to places within the local community.Please note that there is one topic per week and the focus will change daily. Students will need to submit a written task prior to arrival. We reserve the right to move students to General English if we believe their English level is not B2 or above. Book online at englishholidaycourses.com22'