b'20 years is a long time. We added a new double page spread to the brochure this year showing the history of the Milleld Welcome English Language Holiday Courses over this period. It really has been an amazing journey for me full of joy and laughter - and tears* of course!The best institutions have a sense of purpose and I have found that when vision is combined with passion great things can be achieved. I have long had opinions on how English tuition is best delivered. Over the years I have brought in a lot of like-minded thinkers to help me deliver the programme with quality underpinning everything we do. We have been innovators with the introduction of our Course and Vocabulary Organiser (CVO), our Flexible Timetable at Bruton and our Global Young Leaders Course to mention just a few. Our process syllabus stretches and challenges the students whilst coaching their curiosity and encouraging life-long learning. Mark GreenowMagic really does happen every year. It happens during the MSc, BA (Hons) PGCE,Rock Festivals and Musicals, at The Making of Harry Potter or English UK Dip.ELT Managementthe London Eye, in the Swimming Pool or the Dance Studio, in RSA Dip, TEFLA, the Classroom or the Boarding Houses, at the Happenings or RSA Cert. TEFL Talent Shows, or in Prefects Meetings or the 5 Year Club. Director of Holiday Courses and Events Anywhere and everywhere in our safe, caring, creative and engaging environment.Most of all, though, it has been about the people; my fantastic full-time team who have worked tirelessly alongside me, all the school departments, from Catering to Grounds and Gardens, who all work so hard behind the scenes to make it all possible, the parents who trust us with their children, our Agents and Group Leaders (many of whom have become personal friends), the fantastic people who have worked in our Academic, Activity, Pastoral, Operational and Events teams during the courses and last but not least the students. It has been a great pleasure to watch many of them grow up. Some of them attend our courses for an incredible amount of time. Our record holder Alvaro came 10 years in a row for a total of 59 weeks. I feel that my greatest achievementshared with my many colleagues over the yearsis that we have touched countless young lives. Who knows, maybe the world is an ever so slightly better place as a result?I look back with great pride on so many memories and I look forward to sharing many more over the years to come. *tears only when the students do not want to leave of course!Alvaroenglishholidaycourses.com2'