b'Course and Vocabulary OrganiserEach student choosing General English at all of our campuses or Cambridge Assessment English at Street, will receive a Course and Vocabulary Organiser written by the Director of Holiday Courses, Mark Greenow, which is an essential part of theacademic programme and used in every lesson. It is a thinking notebook with sections for each part of the Englishlearning experience.It also includes a diary, which students are encouraged to complete,vocabulary and grammar exercises, and a mini-dictionary makingeach students learning experience unique. Students on Global Young Leaders will receive a tailor-made GlobalYoung Leader Organiser. Students will learn more about themselves,their strengths and weaknesses, their place in the world anddevelop their leadership qualities through a weekly topic. Each student is also given an Achievement Card at the start of thecourse. The aim is to try to complete as much of the card as possibleby performing well during lessons, impressing the campus managersand by being an all-round good student.At Glastonbury students work hard throughout the week to receiveStar Cards for their house to win the house cup.11'